Who is The Yorkshire Wine Rascal?
Meet Barry Groves OBE


Having spent 27 years in the military, I came in to the wine industry late in life.  I don’t consider myself an expert in all areas of the business, but I do believe that 40 odd years of drinking the stuff and working with some highly knowledgeable individuals in some of the World’s finest vineyards, gives me good credibility.

I don’t associate myself with a lot of the pomposity surrounding wine.  The ‘experts’ can tell me a wine has an aroma of tobacco and chocolate or tropical fruits, but does this make a difference to me liking or not liking the wine?  I believe you like a wine because it tastes good to you.  Someone else may not agree – we all have different tastes and that is the beauty of the wine business…

What is important to me, and what I believe influences your enjoyment of the wine is where you are drinking it and the company you are drinking it with.  Food and indeed music also have a big influence, but what I love about the wines I sell is the story behind them and the passion that the winemakers put in to producing them.

My Commitment

I am committed to building lasting relationships with every one of my customers so that I can give you the best advice I am able to.  Whether you are the owner of a boutique hotel or a private client buying a bottle of wine for a friend, I want you to understand more about the wine you choose and the people working hard to produce it.

Each one of the wines has its own unique story to tell. As well as a range of recognisable favourites, discover alternative grape varieties, organic and biodynamic products, even sulphite free and vegan wine.

The wines may be exclusive but my approach to customer service is not. I love meeting and collaborating with new customers and work hard to make sure that I offer a professional, but relaxed approach to wine sourcing.

Outside of the wine business…

I love to enjoy the wonderful views presented by the Yorkshire countryside. I enjoy travel, especially when it gives me the opportunity to visit distant vineyards. I also enjoy sailing, skiing and golf but have recently devloped a passion for motorsport and, through The Yorkshire Wine Rascal, I am delighted to be involved with supporting both the Caterham Graduates Racing Club and the Ginetta GT5 Challenge.

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